Here at Earth echo, we believe that change starts from our own actions - we need to live the change, to be the change that we want to see in the world. Earth Echo's vision is to be the voice for nature, to amplify her call, creating a space for nature's story to be experienced, leaving an energetic footprint on our consciousness. 

Let's re-educate ourselves about the truth of who we are and the innate power within each of us to truly live life as we wish to see it. The change really does start within each and every one of us - and that's empowering :)

If you have enjoyed our content and would like to give something back in return for your experience with us, we would just encourage you to pass the goodness on to those that are genuinely making an incredible difference to working towards a more positive approach to how we live together. We have hand selected these organisations because they have close connections to us; we genuinely see the difference that these people are making for communities and the environment. So, please support us by supporting them - thank you :)

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Oceano Reddentes

Oceano Reddentes is a registered non-profit charity and brainchild Jade Bothma who started the organization when she was 12 years old.

Oceano Reddentes expresses its mission as “Saving the sea one piece of plastic at a time”. With a strong vision to save the ocean and build homes for those in need.


The Ocean Mammal Insitute (OMI)

The Ocean Mammal Institute (OMI), formally established in 1994, is a non-profit organization designed to assist in narrowing the gap between individuals, science and technology, and to increase heartfelt connections with the natural world. As Rachel Carson observed, “You must love nature before you can preserve it.”

Love Support Unite


The prevention or relief of poverty and financial hardship in Malawi by providing or assisting in the provision of sustainable education through addressing; water, education, health, sustainable farming, renewable energy and enterprise. Phan Tu has been a volunteer for the founders of this organisation for over 2 years, inspired by what they have achieved, she had to featured them on here. 100% of the proceeds goes straight into the cause.

The Sense of Silence Foundation 


Concentrates on the largest bioacoustic Big Data in the world, from the deep-ocean to the Amazon rainforest, allowing the real-time monitoring of wildlife and biodiversity, worldwide

The Wilderness
Bushcraft Society

The Wilderness Bushcraft Society is a not for profit membership organization

Our aim is to promote the education and conservation of Wilderness Bushcraft Skills, through a programme of regular talks, events, grant funding, support and information.

Alan Murray is about to do a course with this organisation later this year.